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Kelty Red Cloud Backpack

Backpacking with a Kelty Red Cloud Pack

Growing up, I was always a boy scout. We would go hiking and backpacking for different activities. Whenever we would go on longer backpacking ‘excursions,’ or so we called them back then, I carried an external frame pack that must have weighed at least 10 lbs. unpacked. I always thought it was unbearably uncomfortable and [...]

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Camp Stove

How to pick a camping stove

There are a variety of camping stoves available; the style and type of the stove is the deciding factor when customers make purchases. To choose the right camping stove depends on whether it is a hiking trip, overnight deep woods, or family camping trip. The durability of the stove is another factor … [Read More...]

How to Dress for Hiking

How to Dress for Hiking

Being too hot or cold with wet, aching feet makes for a miserable hiking adventure. For, successful hiking adventures individuals must understand the temperature variations of the area. Mountains can change temperature rapidly, but with the proper clothing, hikers will be ready. Cotton was once … [Read More...]


How to Pick a Tent

Camping is a relaxing hobby that gives you the opportunity to leave the stress of everyday life behind and get out into nature. Making sure that you have the right tent is a critical part of optimizing your experience. When choosing a tent keep in mind how tent style, weather ratings and tent size … [Read More...]

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Cold weather camping

6 Must Know Cold Camping Tips

Camping: It's Not Just For Summer There are so many advantages to camping in cold weather: Fewer fellow campers, no bugs, interesting animal tracks in the new snow, and unbelievably fresh air. You'll probably find it easier to negotiate time off from work, too. Buy camping gear designed for … [Read More...]

Discount Camping

Four Tips for Campers On a Budget

Off camping this year? Feeling the financial pinch in this economic climate? Here is a list of tips that will help your money stretch a bit further if you’re on a budget. Also, if you’re planning on picking up a bargain cut-price tent in the January sales this guide will show you how to … [Read More...]

Snow Sledding

Snow sports & activities to keep busy during winter months

When the winter season is upon us, it’s easy to feel like recreation and sports are impossible. However, there are plenty of sports to keep you active when it’s cold outside. During winter, people can still enjoy sports in the snow or ice. It’s important that during the winter you still find … [Read More...]